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Terms and Conditions

Travel Information

While making a reservation, customers should always remember to give a precise information about the trip, e.g. exact pick up time, the departure time of the plane or bus. Please remember to take into consideration the time of actual reaching the destination as there might be factors like road works or difficult weather conditions that might prevent you to get there on time.                                                                   
JM EXECUTIVE  company will not take responsibility for any customer’s miscalculations regarding their journey. We strongly advise all our clients to make sure that all the information given to us, while making a booking, is correct and up to date. Confirmation of the booking is equal with having agreed with our terms and conditions.
Customers should remember that each vehicle can only take a certain amount of people which must comply with their insurance and licence. Please, do remember that a child is considered as an independent passenger.
The price of the booking is based on the information given by the customer. However, any changes to the journey, e.g.: additional stops, additional passengers, stops on the way to the destination. will affect the price. The additional charge will be applied, based on the driver’s price list or directly with the head office.

How to Make booking
We can only accept bookings made via email, phone or online. We do not take any responsibility for any bookings made directly with the driver. All reservations made that way are against the law.
We would like to ask all our customers, wishing to make their bookings via email, to do so at least 24 hours prior to the journey, otherwise we will only be able to accept reservations made by phone.
The only acceptable bookings are those confirmed via email, phone or text. Any bookings should be cancelled the same way they were made, which is via email, phone, text.
We reserve the right to use other transport companies to provide our customers with a better service. We can assure you that all the sub-contractors will provide our customers with the highest standard of service and will have all the required documentation and will be licenced by Public Carriage Office.

 Guest Pick Up

All our drivers will be waiting for their customers 15 minutes prior to the start of the booking which will give our customers considerable amount of time to get ready and pack their things, if they travel to the airport. There will be an additional charge of £10 for each 15 minutes’ delay. JM EXECUTIVE will cancel the service booked, if there are any difficulties with contacting the customer prior to the booking ( either by the door bell or a phone call). The customer will have to cover the cost of the cancellation.
During airport pick-ups, the driver will wait for the customer for 60 minutes ( free of charge) unless otherwise stated.
The driver will wait either by the information desk or at the pick-up point ( to be decided between the driver and the customer). Any parking fees above 10 minutes will be covered by the client and any additional waiting time above 60 minutes will be charged at £45 for every starting hour .
In the circumstance of the customer not turning up, the driver will make a call out via the airport intercom; if that doesn’t help the service will be cancelled and the customer will have to cover all the costs of the reservation.
However, if the customer cannot contact the driver, they should immediately contact the “JM EXECUTIVE ” head office They should not leave the airport without letting the company know about their decision otherwise they will be regarded as having not turned up.

Customers should always let “JM EXECUTIVE ” know about any delays or cancellations to their journey to avoid paying any additional costs which are stated in the Terms and Conditions section.
The driver accepting the booking is responsible for being punctual and at the right meeting point. In case of any problems, misunderstandings occurred, regarding: the service, punctuality should be reported to “JM EXECUTIVE ” either via email or phone.

Lost and Found

Any lost and found property found in our or sub-contractors’ cars will be stored in “JM EXECUTIVE ” office for the period of one month; after that time, any unclaimed items will be removed or even destroyed.

 Fake Booking                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
If the customer calls and puts a fake booking through, we will make sure he will be brought to justice and will be obligated to cover all the costs his actions might have created. Moreover, we will inform the Police about the situation and we will pass on any personal information we have about the offender like: his phone number, address, email and any recordings of the conversation we may hold.

JM EXECUTIVE  reserves the right to put their prices up by up to 100% over the festive season like: Christmas ( 24th, 25th, 26th of December), Easter, New Year ( 31st Dec and 1st of Jan).
tel. +44 (0) 20 3689 6821

Hourly booking

S class £75 per hour
V class £75 per hour
E class £55 per hour

-minimum hours booked: 4hrs
-10 miles included per hour

Incurred experience & Cancellation:

-extra waiting time is changed at an hourly rate, divided by four 15 minute segments
S class £75
V class £75
E class £55

.-extra mileage is changed at
S class 3.50/mile
V class £3.50/mile
E class £2.80/mile

-free cancellation up to 24hrs before pick up time


All the cash payments should be made in Pound Sterling although there is a possibility to make payments using other currencies, however, the price has to be agreed directly with “JM EXECUTIVE ” and may differ than the current bank exchange rates.

Card payments can be made while booking or in some cars . The price is based on the type of the car that is used within the service and doesn’t depend on how many people travel.

You’re Safe With US!

Experienced Drivers Only!

ATTENTION !  All additional charges for airport gates or parkings also bridges and tool roads are to be paid for by the customer and will do not appear on the application and they not included in the price for the executive journey.

Customers wishing to get an exact price should contact us with all the required information, eg: pick up time, destination, how many people travel (including children). It makes much easier for our company to always have a complete information, so that we can give you the best price and the best customer service we can


All complaints, regarding our company, driver’s conduct or generally customer service should be made directly to our head office either via email or phone. Please remember to give as much information as possible so we can take an appropriate action. We will do everything we can to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. All the information regarding the complaint is stored in our files for the period of one year.


The customer should always contact “JM EXECUTIVE ” if he needs to cancel the booking. The customer must call on the head office number: +44 (0) 20 3689 6821 and quote his reservation number. The customers who paid for reservation by credit card should expect:        Full refund if they cancelled 24 hrs prior to the booking.
50% refund if the cancellation was made 12 hrs prior to the booking.
There will be no refund if the cancellation was made 4 hrs or less prior to the booking.

“JM EXECUTIVE ” respects everyone’s privacy, we act in accordance with the Privacy Act from 1998. We do not pass on any personal information of our clients to the third parts. The only data we might use and store is a phone number and an email, which would be used for our own purposes such as sending new offers regarding our service. Every customer has the right to ask and check with us what kind of information we hold.

We would also appreciate if customers would inform us about any changes like new phone number or new email address. All the data we have is stored safely in our computer database in accordance with the law.
“JM EXECUTIVE “ never stores customers’ credit card details, those are kept by the intermediary like Stripe .